Content Library - request for character assets for elementary through high school age kids

It would be awesome if there were characters in the content library designed for students in elementary, middle and high school (both photographic and illustrated examples and male/female characters (ages 5-18). Also some illustrated "creature" characters would be great for preschoolers and elementary students (ages 5-12) would be helpful.

I design a lot of material for middle school aged students and a person of similar age would be better in many simulations. For my elementary students, I find better success with using a character (alien, cute monster, etc). Just a suggestion. Thanks.

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Ali Goulet

Hey Jim! Those are really cool ideas for characters, and I can certainly understand how they would be handy (and really fun) for that audience. Would you mind sharing your thoughts with our Product Development Team over here? Thanks a bunch! 

And as a side note- I personally still learn better with aliens and cute monsters as characters ;)