Using checkboxes to signal course completion

I am developing a course that has two pages (in different scenes) with 6 checkboxes each. 

I would like to have the current states of those checkboxes show on a conclusion slide (separate scene), and have the course marked as complete when all the checkboxes in the course have been changed to the "selected" state.


How can I create checkboxes that will be mirrored on a conclusion slide, and trigger the "course complete" designation when all checkboxes reach the "selected" state?


(In the interim, I have just created a conclusion page where the learner must click all the checkboxes on that page to change the state of the Next button to normal, and then when the user clicks Next the course is marked as complete. 

But, ideally, I would like to have those check boxes changed automatically when the learner clicks the corresponding checkbox in the previous slide/scene.)


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Tom Kuhlmann

Here's a post I did a while back with a derivative of what you're asking. The content is a bit different, but essentially the steps are the same.

You'll need variables to track completion and use those variables to change the state of the check boxes. And you can use the same variables on any slide.

Also, instead of selected, I'd create a custom state since selected is pre-built state with defined properties and can be deselected.