Using Templates, Master Slides, custom Content Library - deciding an approach

Aug 09, 2018

Can anyone share their experiences and processes in using various approaches (Templates, Masters, Content Libraries, etc.) in large conversion projects? Do you create large number master slides, do you create Templates of all the common screens or use your own Content Library? It seems that you can use multiple approaches. Thanks for sharing.

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Cheryl Kent

Hello David,

I'm just adding a comment to hopefully, maybe, trigger a bit more of a response. I don't have experience of a larger conversion project, our project is a range of short tutorials. This is what I tend to do:

1. save the player settings so you can import them - this saves time and means you can get consistent navigation

2. I use templates a lot. I have set up a template for the common slides that I use (eg tabs interaction, accordian interaction, text based, image-based, quiz questions, results slide etc etc). I also have a couple of versions of the same slide for some slides eg the Welcome slide - to allow for more/less text, use of avatars etc - that way you get the same look and feel but everything doesn't have to be exactly the same. In the template file I use scenes to group similar-type slides together

3 You can use a template to set up the avatar characters eg to set up the states that you want to be consistent - I think there is an example of this on the forum somewhere.

4. I keep my images that I insert all in a couple of folders. So you could keep eg logos together, icons, backgrounds and so on depending on the type of content you re-use.

Hope this is helpful and maybe triggers other folks to share their ideas.


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