Using variables to show quiz progress

I am building a quiz where the person has to get 8 questions in a row correct. I guess that I will have to use variables to enable the following two functions:

1) With each correct question, a box appears, on top of others, to indicate progress i.e. correct number of answers/number of boxes builds up

2) if there is a wrong answer, the penalty is to lose 2 boxes.

In order to get going on this, I would appreciate any help.


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Simon Blair

Hi Mark,

I'd suggest using a combination of a custom score variable and shape states.

On the correct feedback layer, add 1 to score. On the incorrect feedback layer subtract 2 from score.

Use another trigger to show/hide the squares. For example, if the score is greater than or equal to 1, show square #1. If the score is greater than or equal to 2, show square #2.

Cheers, Simon