Using VR for training? More info needed.....

May 09, 2019

Hi IDs!! I wanted to start a discussion on the use of VR in the education & training space.

1. What tools do you guys usually use to create immersive VR experiences?
2. Do you prefer developing your own VR experiences by coding?
3. How many of you develop and code yourself? And if so, what platform do you use?
4. Also, what do you think about VR as the future of traditional e-learning?

Would love to read your comments and suggestions and learn something new...

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Meghan Hundt

I agree with Trina, I'm here to see what others say as well. I came up with a similar "Idea" (although I had a hunch it's been thought of before).

We do mostly live training, but may be transitioning to blended learning soon. The content is about inspecting construction sites, so it would be very difficult to actually get our learners on a site. I thought of VR as a solution to allow the learner to move around the site, note problems, interact with characters, etc. 

I work for the state government, so VR is likely not an option for a while, but if others have successful case studies it would help prove it's possible and effective! 

Darryl Slack

I tend to use several tools, 3DVista is what many of my clients request as you can make a virtual tour style course, and add storyline style hotspots and viewpoints, and quizzes.

for deeper level work, i use Unity hand coded with gamification, which is a lot more work!

AR we use ARCore from google mostly for simple projects, but most of those don't seem to be used as often nowadays.

As a good starter/previewer we use the magix photostory vr as it's super cheap to get and you can have a virtual tour/course set up in a few hours that the client can test and play with.


hope this helps!

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