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Hans Dulpers

Woop, found something interesting in the player_compiled.js! I found in there the following line of code:

case "flv":case "mov":case "mp4":case "avi":e="video";

Could this be what it supports?

Furthermore, I found the following in data.js:


Pretty interesting, since this is how the videos are named.

Steve Flowers

Hi Hans - 

Yep. Best answer is "you can't". You may, however, import WMV's into Storyline. The only video formats exported by the tool on publish are FLV and MP4. FLV is normally only retained if you add an alpha channel and these are only viewable in the Flash version of the published output. 

WMV's are fantastic for consistent playback inside of a PowerPoint presentation. But the format isn't as popular or universally supported as h.264 formats. MP4 has the best support natively in most modern browsers. And Flash based players provide a nearly universal fallback.

Hard to tell what the motivations for using WMV are. Did they offer additional details as to why? Could help to know the motivation behind it to craft a response Some folks get attached to file formats as a habit. I've been there.