Using X-choice question and Submit button for compliance certification

Hi all, I'm tying to figure out the logic/variables needed for a compliance certification course. At the end of the course the user must certify that they have read and will comply with the Code, or No, they choose not to certify. 

Right now I have it set up as a two choice multiple choice question. My plan is to have the Yes option as correct and the No option as incorrect. 

If the user chooses "Yes" and clicks on the submit button it will move them to the next slide in the course and they are ready to complete and print a certificate of completion. 

If the user chooses "No," and clicks on the submit button, I need it to link to an external Microsoft Form, that the user can provide an explanation for why they did not certify. The tricky part here is I then need the course to advance to the same slide the as the "Yes" user was moved to in order to complete the course. 

Is there a way to do this with a single submit button, or do I need to create a second custom submit button, OR does someone have a better idea of how I can accomplish this. 

Any help would be welcomed. 

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Robert,

Do you want the microsoft form to open in another window? Or in place of the slide? I would think that it would be better to have it appear in place of the slide, so the learner doesn't get confused. If that's the case, you would want to create a new slide with a web object that leads to the form. Then you can add a condition to the current trigger to skip over that slide if the state of the Yes button is equal to selected, and add another trigger to go to that slide if the state of the No button is equal to selected. 

Hope that makes sense! If not, let me know. :)