Variables cause text strings to appear bolded

Jun 02, 2015

I am using various variables embedded into text strings throughout a course - text boxes, quizzing questions and so forth. Any string of text with the variable embedded for display purposes makes the string bolded when viewing the course output (Storyline 2). I haven't published to our Peoplesoft LMS yet but suspect the environment makes no difference. The font stylization attributes (bold, italic etc) in the ribbon is NOT set to bold and toggling that feature does nothing to 'unbold' this annoying result. Has anyone else seen this and was able to rectify? Appears to be a bug.

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Chris R

Hi Ashley - following up on this - did you see my reply and/or get my email? I'd attach the story file here but there's confidential content about my company. I may be able to copy some slides into a sep. file and redact some text. You may reply directly to me at



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