Displaced Bold text format in exported translation Word files (SL3)

Nov 27, 2017


I've been encountering a problem when exporting Word files for translation:

(In slide)

  • The first part of this sentence is bolded

(In the Word file)

  • The first part of this sentence is bolded

The bold format seems to shift and it happens in rather "random" spots and not in a consistent manner. Please also note that the displacement happens during exportation and importing will carry the displaced bold text back into the slide.

I've been using SL3 with the latest update and Word 2010.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi JC! I appreciate you're feedback. 

I am aware of some of the other issues related to exporting for translation, but I haven't seen one as you've described.

I just tested a slide with some bolding and I'm not experiencing the issue:

It looks like it's maintaining the bold formatting I originally set. 

Are you using a custom font by chance? We are seeing some formatting loss due to non-standard font.

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