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Dec 09, 2012


We're starting a big project that will include short learning units about software prgramming, architecture, new features etc,. 
Basicly - boring stuff :-P

We would like to make the result look more as a video, or to have some movement in it (in topics we're not using Captivate ot other cursor-based simulations).

On the other hand, we're talking about a massive amount of materials (for a huge audience, each will be consuming a small part of the learning units available, based on their needs) - so adding lots of custome animations in each unit - will be too time consuming.  

Best would be to find things that will provide such an effect, and can be added to the development templates.

The sliding slides are an option, the animated scenario can also server this purpose.  

More ideas?


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Efrat Maor

So far we've used Studio '09, but we're considering using SL for this project. Mainly due to hotspots and easy branching\feedbacks options. 

So there might be some basic options that exist in SL, that I did not take into consideration, and will be happy if you can point to - will help us choose the best option.


Bruce Graham


I love trying to find interesting ways to use movement in Storyline.

Have a look at and for some Storyline ideas.

Hope they give you some ideas.

You will not be able to do Dave's "Parallax" effect (one of your examples) so easily in SL because it does not have the Motion Paths available, but there may be other ways that I have not thought about yet.


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