Voice Over recommendations

Mar 01, 2023

Hello everyone,

I work with a small team developing e-learning courses and am currently voice over work for most of our projects. I have looked into programs like Descript and Altered Studio for editing VO and creating nice, semi-realistic text-to-speech voice over work using machine learning and have yielded some great results, but I am just curious -

Does anyone have a program that you might professionally use and recommend that can create semi-realistic text-to-speech and possibly edit vo?? (I know it might be too much of an ask;;)
I'm interested in engaging in a conversation - please drop yo knowledge!

Also, if there is another large-scale E-learning forum I can check out for E-learning support please let me know! I am a little new to the space :)

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Alana Gilbert

I forgot to clarify - I do know about all the other TTS options offered in PowerPoint, Storyline, Google Translate, etc... but I am just looking for something more sophisticated! I feel in this era of tech things have evolved so much any product launch within the past year feels like an eternity ago! 😂 That being said, any feedback is appreciated!

Scott Hewitt

Hi Anna, 

I don't know what your budget is, but there are so many incredible voice over artists out there that you can book direct that we don't use text to speech. You can get people via fiverr, freelancer, People Per Hour and more. 

Most artists will have a good set up and also edit the audio files for you as well.