Voice-Over Talent Needed

Hey guys!  After getting so much help from the Articulate Community over the last year or so, I wanted to give something back. I've got two projects I'm working on now as well as several upcoming projects that require voice-over narration (male and female). If you're looking for  short-term remote contract work, please let me know by providing the following:

1. Copy of your Resume

2. Samples of your work

3. Your rates per finished minute


Richard Watson

Bridgehill Learning Solutions, LLC
mail: rwatson@bridgehillLS.com


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David Glow


My wife said "if the person needing VO talent doesn't need kids, did you even think to give him their voice coach's info?"

I didn't think of it (she is the beauty and brains... Not sure what I bring to the relationship)

Anyhow, here is Stanley's info