Wanted - inspiration!! Construction theme......

Nov 06, 2011

Hi Heroes,

Boy would I like some inspiration!

I'm creating a module on insurance, specifically around construction and engineering.

For my previous modules I've used a standard template - plain, white background, marketing approved fonts...., but for this one I'm touching a difference audience segment I'd like to mix it up a bit and go for something different.

I thought about using a blueprint as a background (the building / construction theme) and put notepaper over the top from here - I like the look but I think it would be too much to have the entire module with that theme.

The screen shot attached shows the blueprint background.

Being insurance, this course will be quite text heavy (and lots of tab interactions), and I've restricted my white space with having the notepaper over the blueprint.

What do you think - any suggestions as to what I could do? I've love any bright ideas!



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Colin Eagles

I think that it looks cool, Sarah.

Have you considered using this look for some of the screens and perhaps "zooming in" to enlarged white space for the more text heavy content?

Alternatively, you could have paper strewn over the blueprints and have each represent a section of the module?

I look forward to seeing what the others have to say - but I really like the blueprint idea, Sarah!

Sarah Tinson

Hi Daniel,

Yes - I've since lightened it up a little, and when I put 2 pieces of paper on the page it looks even better I think as the blue is just like a border.

I'm trying my hardest to reduce the amount of text - there's a lot of policy definitions I need to include, but much of it I'm creating as attachments.


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