Wanted: Projects and demos for e-learning makeover examples

Jun 01, 2015

E-Learning Makeovers

We're working on a new makeover series for our articles and workshops and need some fresh, real-world projects. Sure, I can mock up fake courses but it never feels as authentic as when we're working with real-life projects.

If you have a project that you'd like us to consider for a makeover, please email me (danderson@articulate.com) the published file. If you can send the source file, that's even better but we can work with your published files.

Please send only projects you have permission to share. Some users allow us to use their files only in workshops while other people don't mind us using them in workshops and articles.

Please let me know what your conditions are when you email the files. Before we publish anything, Tom or I will contact you to make sure you're good with what we're showing.


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Bernard Sheridan

Hi David,

This is basically how do you make law sound interesting and stimulating to either listen to or read it?

My students are in their first year of an undergraduate Professional Policing degree course at university. As part of their 'learning' they have to learn the practicalities of the law - kind of 'what's in it for me?' Traditionally the only method used in teaching has been through PowerPoint slides which are flat, bland and boring.

The goal is to make learning fun, inspiring and visually a lot more attractive than it currently is. 

Any help, advice, guidance - anything, would be truely appreciated

Bernard Sheridan


Thnaks for offering to try and give these slides a makeover.  I believe that I may have to stay with PowerPoint because that's the accepted format the university wants to use.  If there's anything you can do to make these slides less boring I'd be really grateful.  We use Blackboard as our LMS at the university

Thanks again.

Bernard Sheridan

To be honest I  have no idea of the technology behind Blackboard and would usually upload a PowerPoint into the lecture area for students to either use during their lesson, or as revision.

I believe that I am able to upload HTML materials to the Blackboard and have attached a screen shot of what the LMS looks like - hopefully you can decipher the screenshot images.

Thank you