Wanting to create a dynamic form in articulate - has anyone done something like this?

Nov 18, 2015

I currently have hard copy and electronic copy of our internal Interview Question Guide.  The guide contains a series of questions from which the interviewer can pick from when conducting the interview.  They also then score the answer to that question which is recorded on a master scorecard.  Would it be possible to create a dynamic interview guide where the user could click on the questions that he/she was planning to ask from each section (competency) and then have those questions drop into a printable form?  The idea here is that the guide provides over 50 question choices.  It would be great if the interviewer could pick the 15 questions he/she wanted to ask and then have a customized guide and score sheet.  Any ideas?  Have you seen anything like this or articulate used for this type of functionality?
Thanks so much!

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Dannette Nicastro

Thank you for your response. Is this a project you would be interested in exploring as a contract job?

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