We are hiring Storyline Rapid eLearners

Jul 27, 2013

We want to hire  a number of contractors to create Rapid eLearning courses using Storyline. These are ongoing project-by-project virtual jobs. I know about all the places to post "jobs" but they aren't for recurring contract positions. We have used Guru.com & Elance.com before for other projects but not for Rapid eLearning. https://ed4online.com/career-listings Any suggestions specifically for the Rapid eLearning industry? 

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Tricia, and a very warm welcome to the forums.

You will find a special thread in this forum, titled Freelance Heroes which is where similar openings are posted.

IMHO, you will get a greater response (and hence a larger array of top e-learning talent to choose from) if you also post your opening(s) there. As far as recurring contract positions, I have not come across a site that does this reliably (although oDesk comes close). I believe most of us negotiate the "employment/legal" side of projects privately anyway.
Just my 2c,

Alexandros Anoyatis

You're welcome!

By the way, i didn't really mean to "endorse" oDesk in any shape or form - too confusing for my liking - I find it takes away "my way of doing things" and tries to make me work the way oDesk thinks best; hardly good for overall productivity.

All in all, to put bluntly, you'll probably find better rates if you hire through freelancer/elance/oDesk and the likes, but you'll get better results and overall greater value if you hire through the forums.

Again, just my 2c, (now 4)

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