We need someone with eLearning Skills!!

MCAS Cherry Point Personal & Professional Development Program is looking for an Instructor. Start  $27.51 per hour plus federal benefits.  Must relocate to beautiful eastern North Carolina -- vacation hot spots New Bern or Morehead City is a 20 minute highway commute from Cherry Point.  We have been working hard to create a interactive eLearning environment to supplement our seated workshops.  Check out our start at http://mccscherrypoint.com/programs/elearning/#

Job Announcement: 

The ability to evaluate, plan and implement training systems.  Skilled in program design implementation and management.  Excellent written and oral communication skills.  Ability to plan, organize, instruct and facilitate educational courses of quality.  Teaching or training experience.   Experience in education, career and personal financial management development strategies for diverse higher education populations.  Demonstrated success in cultivating collaborative relationships with clients, unit leadership, and professional colleagues.  Understanding and use of current education practices in instruction.  Ability to organize activities and coordinate groups of people.  Ability to relate to a diverse student population.  Ability to communicate effectively (writing, listening, speaking).  Ability to work independently and follow-through on assigned tasks.  Knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, personality, and interests, learning and motivation.  Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships using tact, diplomacy, and overall professionalism.  Ability to collect, evaluate, and disseminate information; assess and measure organizations’ and other serviced populations’ trends, concerns, and needs; assign in identifying and prioritizing goals.

You can view the full announcement and apply for this job at:
www.usmc-mccs.org/careers   by clicking on your applicable category (prospective or current employees).  Job number 7379 

Tip:  Make sure you fully answer assessment questions with details of what, where, and how long!!  http://www.mccslejeune.com/jobs/assessment.html

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Duane Knudsen

I'm pretty grounded in good old Arizona. BUT, for anyone who might be interested, that's a wonderful region. I spent some time this past June in the Raleigh-Durham area (hey, I bet Alicia DURHAM is well connected there...), and also vacationed in New Bern. Birth place of Pepsi, bears everywhere (you'll find out what I mean). Loved every minute of it! Not too far from the Outer Banks too.

GL Alicia-