We need to make a presentation to introduce our courses (content 360 rights issue)

Hello team,

So, we have some great-looking courses that we've created in Storyline. To introduce them to our users we'd like to create a short presentation with images from the course (for example, we'd like to introduce the characters that appear in the course) - I've been asked about rights. From your Terms:

You may use the Content Files to develop your e-learning end product in our Services (“End Product”), including modifying and embedding the Content Files into your End Product, and reproducing and distributing the Content Files if integrated in your End Product. However, you may not use or distribute the Content Files on a stand-alone basis outside of your End Product.

I would take this to mean, I cant use the picture of the character directly in Powerpoint (even if the presentation belongs to the product) - but I could take a screenshot from the course, and use that? (even if I cut it down to only the part of the screen I want for my presentation? )

Can you clarify this for us? 





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Traci P

I can't answer in terms of the legal issues of character use in PPT, but I have another idea you might want to try. 

What if you made your presentation in Storyline and published it as an mp4 video? Promo videos are a great way to introduce courses and sell learners on the WIIFM. Is that your intention, or does it have to be in a presentation format? 

Adam Bayliss

Hi Traci! - Thanks, a good idea - I'm not the person who's going to be making it, so the suggestion was that I send the author some of the pictures I used, but I suppose I could send him outlines and he can send it back for me to convert it and add the pictures... Its a workaround, but it should work..