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Hi Everyone!

I worked on my first ELH Challenge today!

I'm interested in creating a portfolio site (preferably free and easy to use) where I can store and share my work. I saw folks posting links to their entries in the challenge and would love to do the same in the future.

Tips, suggestions, tools, etc. would be greatly appreciated!



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Niyeda Suliveres

I just recently went through this process and it was very difficult finding one place that had all the answers. I'm still figuring out the color scheme on mine but after a week of frustration and hair pulling, I finally have it up...and about $500 later sadly. I also tried to go the free route and it seems impossible unless you really know someone that is a web developer. I followed all the rabbit trails that led me to and tried their free account...only thing is you can't add storyline to it so then i found instruction to pay into a webhost for access to the site which allows for plug in (and one is needed to post articulate projects). So i paid a host...or 3... to find out that neither of them offered the right security clearance needed to allow people access to my site without thinking it was a dangerous site...this was a "add on"feature. so I started and cancelled several host until i spoke to someone from Wordpress that suggested using Pressable as a host as they worked together nicely and security was included. This was $250 for the year. I also had to buy a domain $26. I purchased a theme for my webiste $60 only to find it after purchase that it required another add on $60 to get up and running. Finally, i was able to add articulate content with a free plug in which only allowed for 3 uploads. I thought it would be enough but 2 weeks later, I shelled out another $126 for the full version. However, everything works now and the content displays nicely in a portfolio. still working on the look of the page but you can check it out at

This is just my story. I got fed up with trying to find free and cheap and just ultimately wanted something that worked. Maybe someone else on here will show you a cheaper route... Good Luck!

Amy Gibbs

Thank you Niyeda. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a hectic experience! I asked around at a network of other new-to-the-game e-learning developers that I meet with and so far don't have any leads on the type of resource I'm looking for. I do have a FT position now and am just looking to develop this as I go for the future, if i were actively job hunting and in need of a solid portfolio right now I may be able to justify a few hundred dollars a year... but not yet.

If I find anything free or cheaper, I'll be sure to post that here in the event it might help you further down the line in saving some money!

I will try to take a look at your site when I am out of the office. For some reason it's currently blocked as a "security threat" but I'm sure that could just be our company's firewall.

Anne Seller

Hi Amy,

Congratulations on working on your first ELH Challenge!

While you are looking around for a suitable web hosting platform, may I suggest that you use your profile page (right here in the community) in the meantime to showcase some examples of your work?

You can start with your first ELH Challenge! To host the module, you can use a free service (i.e. and then use another free service (i.e. to change the name of the link, if you’d like. Then you just have to upload a screenshot of your module (with the link, title and description) to your profile and you’re all set! (If you need help re: how to edit your profile, just let me know.)

If you look at my profile, you will see what I mean:

P.S. It‘s full of ELH Challenges! ;)

I hope this helps!

- Anne

Matthew Bellwood

It's an old post, so I thought it would be nice to update it.

If you are looking for a free website builder for your portfolio, I would personally recommend Site123.

But be aware. Good free things in life are limited so is this free website builder. However, it is very intuitive and user-friendly. It has one big flaw though, not only does it give you a branded subdomain, but this subdomain won’t even be related to your website name.

If you would like to see alternatives, check out this article: I'm positive that it will help you through the process of picking the best option for your portfolio!

Good luck.