What animation tools do you use?

We are looking to add animation tools to our e-Learning repertoire  (we use Captivate 9) and I wanted to know what you use?

I've done some research into GoAnimate, Moovly, PowToon and VideoScribe.  Some other options like Easy Sketch Pro don't offer trial demos but based on their site content, I'd be open to that option.

I've experimented with Adobe Edge Animate but I'll need some formal training if I want to use that tool properly.

What do you use when you want some whiteboard animation or something more 'zazzy'?


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Nancy Woinoski

That is a good question. I like both tools for white boarding - VideoScribe is a little cheaper than GoAnimate, but GoAnimate's interface is slightly easier to use in my opinion.  Right now VibeoScribe is primarily a white board tool while GoAnimate offers other features like the ability to create animated scenes with characters who interact with one another. 

One other thing to consider is that with Videoscribe you can publish your whiteboard video directly on your computer - with GoAnimate it renders in the cloud and they notify you when the video is ready - sometimes this can be a little slow.

Keiran Harvey

One tool you might be interested in is Crazytalk 7 pro. It can turn a photo into a talking avatar. With a bit of practice you can get some very expressive results. You could use one of the prepackaged avatars in cp9, and show emotion to quiz answers or results, or a number of other ways, such as branching scenarios and interviews.