What awesome effects do you have up your sleeve?

Feb 24, 2012

Found a really awesome tutorial on the web from G-World Productions that showed how to make fireworks with Power Point.


The steps are on the page and they are easy to follow. I tried them out and came up with this cool fireworks show.

So what awesome effect do you have up your sleeve?

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David Anderson

Cool topic, James.

I've used the parallax effect for years in my course designs. While there are more options for controlling the elements in Flash, you can just as easily achieve the effect in PowerPoint. Here are a couple examples:

Another storytelling technique I use is progressive reveals. One efficient way to combine multiple transitions is to use a cover screen to selectively fade out groups of items. Setting Fade Out animations to multiple objects is processor-intensive, so a workaround is to use a single graphic to fade in over the group of objects.

Here's an example of progressive reveals and using a repeated element (background) to transition objects:

Motion graphics and animated infographics are a good source of inspiration. Sure, most effects were created in After Effects, but the essential storytelling elements--entrance and exit reveals, timing and pacing--carry across all applications.

David Anderson
Melanie Sobie

There are a lot of really nice templates for animated slides on Microsoft's website. Each template comes with instructions of how to create the effect. You'd just need to be alert if they are using any animations that are not supported by Articulate and use a substitute.


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