What cameras are folks using?

I am about to begin shooting video for my courses and I'm wondering what cameras folks are using. I'm leaning toward a Canon G7 after reading this guide of best cameras for youtube but I'm wondering if I should spend a little more for a DSLR. 

Obviously the DSLR will have more capabilities but at a higher cost but I'm not sure if I even need anything more than a point and shoot.


EDIT:  A little bit about my course if that helps, I'm basically planning on shooting stationary video. Mostly speaking to the camera and very little if any other types of shots.

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Graeme Foulds

It pretty much depends on your stance regarding photography in general, I would say.  If you have any inclination towards using your camera for more than just your e-learning courses (i.e. actually getting out there and taking photos in general), then a DSLR is a better all-round bet.

Nowadays quite capable entry-level DSLRs are not that expensive anyway (although obviously that's relative).  I use a DSLR for my video courses, but it gets lots of other use as a general camera too.  At the risk of starting a highly contentious debate, I love the Canon dual pixel auto-focus technology, which makes obtaining and holding focus for video shooting almost foolproof - especially for a stationary video set up on a tripod.  

If you don't need 4K video, get a cheapie like the 200D / Rebel SL2 that includes that technology, slap on Canon's low-cost small and light 24mm pancake prime lenses and you're all good to go with a small, light setup that'll probably cost you less than US$700 all told - and give you a very competent camera for other uses too.

My two cents' worth.