What happens when the test taker finishes and fails (LMS)

The course if formatted that after every 2 or 3 slides there is a question and the last slide is a result slide.

They get only 1 attempt.

If the user fails, they are not given the choice to re-try the exam. they want the course to submit for the failed result to show in the report and then want the course to reset so that the user can take the course again later, but not as a retry in the first session. Is this possible?

What do I need to do in the setting when I publish to LMS?

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Tim Slade

Hi Sid,

I think a lot of this depends on your LMS. But, I think what you'd want to do is set up the Reporting & Tracking Options to "Passed/Failed." Then if the user fails, that will be reported to the LMS. On the LMS side, again depending on your LMS, you may be able to set it up to re-enroll the user if they receive a failed "score."

In regards to "retry in the first session." That is entirely dependent on your LMS. I've worked in some LMSs where it tracks each attempt separately...and others where it only kept the most recent attempt.

I'd consult with your LMS Administrator on this one.

Good Luck, Tim