What's the best way to add audio to screencasts?

Mar 14, 2020

I'm new to Articulate 360.  I want to do a screen cast of a particular application but have audio describing the application and actions.   What's the best option? Is it Storyline, Replay?

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Darrell Sangrio

HI C.J.,

Welcome to the community! Let me help you in selecting the best way in adding audio to your screen casts.

Storyline and Replay both have the capability to record screen casts. For software simulation I would recommend using Storyline as it’s easy to create both screen cast videos and interactive software simulations. I included the article below to help you on recording your screen casts:


What sets apart the Storyline from Replay is the feature called Interactive Simulations. Instead of a video, you get single screens with linked hotspots and various help instructions. That means you can simulate much of the software’s interactions by having the learners click on the right areas or enter text just as they would with the real software.

You can select various ways of adding audio to your screen casts, aside from the normal audio from your screen recording you can import audio files, record your own narration or convert texts to speech. Check this tutorial for more information on adding audio in Storyline.

Hope this helps!


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