What's your favorite thing about Articulate 360?

Oct 18, 2021

Hi everyone,

If you use Articulate 360, what's your favorite app/feature/resource? Why? 

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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Nate Campbell

Honestly, my favourite thing about SL is that it's so robust a software that if I think of a feature or functionality that I'd like to use but which does not exist, there's often a way to trick the SW into functioning the way I want it to.

That being said, I'll keep adding Feature Requests as I come up with them...


The Storyline block in Rise is my favorite. Although I wish I could influence more users to design their Storyline projects more intentionally when they know it will be used as a block. (Think "Banners" instead of "Slides" or "Blocks".)
My next favorite is probably the embed feature. Being able to bring in an active chat window, 7taps micro-course, or even an interactive Miro board exponentially increases the power of Rise.

Linda Nelson

I love the print results page for quizes. Better yet, I love that you can customize the information that learners see on the print results page by just manipulating the report.html code. 

One of the goals my manager gave me at the end of 2020 was to provide a Results page that didn't give away correct answers (yet let the learner know whether the answer was correct or incorrect). I acheived that goal before 2021 :-)! This was something our Compliance Dept wanted, and it was great to be able to oblige them.

I also love free form quiz questions. They're so incredibly easy to use. I've used other course authoring tools, and Storyline 360 is by far the easiest authoring tool to use when customizing quiz questions. 

Bianca Woods

Bridget, I couldn't agree with you more! I remember the first time I ever used Review 360 and how blown away I was at just how much easier it made collecting and responding to feedback on projects.

Before that I used to get these absurdly long emails or Word docs with complex notation about what slide the feedback was about. If I was really lucky maybe I'd have a screenshot of what the reviewer was seeing, but that was rare. I don't miss those days at all.

Holly MacDonald

I wholeheartedly agree with many of the comments here and will add another: THIS COMMUNITY!

I love seeing the weekly challenges and how creative people are.

I love the generosity of this community and how much people are willing to share or help.

I love the showcase, the downloads, the blog posts.


PS - an unsung hero is Peek + Review 360. I use it all the time to give screen recorded updates, direction to developers, explain/give feedback to clients. One of my clients asks for video updates!

Sarah Hodge

Holly, I love what you said! This community is SOOO generous and wonderful. We're so lucky to have people, such as yourself, and others who are so helpful and encouraging. šŸ’™

And YES! I'm so happy you brought up Peek+Review 360. I think the more people who learn about these powers combined will really benefit from it. šŸ˜Š