What should I include in elearning SLAs and agreements?

Feb 28, 2012

Hi Heroes,

Just got a really great question from a blog reader asking about e-learning service agreements. If you have any suggestions or samples you can share, please attach them to the thread. Here's the question: 

“Wondering if you can point me to any examples of client, or "End User" agreements for e-learning courses. Trying to figure out what should go into one of those.”

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Denise Wilson

Hello.  In our organization, we create a Service Level Agreement with each group/department we train.  It documents such items as:

  • How to request training
  • Training Initiatives/Goals for the year
  • What reporting/data the group wants cocerning training and how often
  • Communications process/channels for issues that arise or concerns

Hope this helps. We have a quarterly follow up meeting as a touchstone for issues or whatever. 


Poornima Ramachandran

When we sign a contract with a third party, we have two documents to sign -

1. SOW (Statement of Work)

This document talks about the details of work and the agreements.

  1. Agreement (Executed where, between who, and when. Also include the addresses of both the parties (yours and customers')
  2. Scope of Service (What is the input required, and what is the expected output from you)
  3. Assumptions & Exemptions (Will you purchase the images as well? Is thec ost covered? Will your client be responsible for content, how many drafts / iterations are permitted within the agreed time frame and payment etc)
  4. Time Table (A very crisp summary of the entire project plan, and total duration. Be sure to add that any extension to the mentioned time table will be reviewed and agreed upon by the parties. Most often we might cross the deadline as the scope might change, and hence an anticipatory bail ) `
  5. Contacts (Mention the point of contact from both the parties)
  6. Fees (Per hour / per course / per resource... whatever the payment term is. If you need to travel, be sure to mention that you will be charging for it as well.
  7. Payment Conditions -  ___ % on delivery of storyboard, ___ % on first draft, and ___ % on completion... Depends on your split up and project mode.
  8. IP Rights - On the intellectual property ownership.
  9. Warranty

Signature by both the parties, and witneses.

2. Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This is a mutual non disclosure agreement, in the interest of your client. It is an assurance that the material / content provided by the client will be safe guarded and will not be misused / re used by the e learning company.

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