what software could be used to make this video?

Jan 10, 2018

Any idea what software could be used to make this video with this level of animation?  Affordable alternatives to expensive/time consuming options are welcome, too, even if it can get me 80% of the way there.

Click the 90-second overview button listed at the top of this page:  https://www.ipswitch.com/moveit 

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Heather Beaudoin

Thank you!  That's what I was thinking, but I've never used After Effects so wasn't sure.  I'm looking at trying something like Animaker... but I'll see if it can make something that looks vaguely as nice. Our brand doesn't do the cartoon look, but animating nice looking typography and infographics appeals to me.

I have Camtasia and have been doing some vaguely interesting animated videos with PPT and Camtasia for years, but the animation is very limited, as I'm sure you know.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion about After Effects.  I haven't even looked at it yet to see if it would be worth whatever they charge and however long the learning curve is. 

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