What would you include in a catalogue of interactions?

Sep 27, 2016

We are working on a project with several courses and want to have a catalogue of interactions available and precreated for ISDs to choose from. They are not limited to these, but it will help make the design process go a little smoother. Obviously - some types of interactions will work for courses that won't work for this one (e.g., we wouldn't have conversations in this one) but I would love to hear what templated interactions people have come up with in the past to include in a little catalogue of interactions.

I'm also reviewing the E-Learning Challenges for more ideas.

Some of the basics we will already have:

  • Quizzes (includes scenarios with answers that follow)
  • Drag and Drop
  • Click and Reveal
  • Markers

We will also have an investigation interaction with various artifacts spread throughout.

Have you ever created a catalogue of templates for a series of courses? What were some that you used?

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Trina Rimmer

Agree with Tim that this is a great question. I've created an interaction catalog in the past (although mine was for clients) and found it very helpful.

Some of the interactions I included in mine were:

  • Tabs interactions
  • Hot spots
  • Pick Many
  • Sorting drop-downs
  • Compare & contrast interactions (with the text variable)
  • Quiz layouts with stylized results screens

And although not interactions, I also included live links in my catalog/menu to a published sample course to highlight the player features like the resources tab, glossary, custom lightbox links, etc that should be present.  Not only was this a helpful way to demonstrate how the course player should look for all the courses in the curriculum, it was also a nice reminder that we had other options for making course content accessible--without it needing to be on a slide.

Bob S

Great resource, Rachel. If I can be so bold...  You may want to help your IDs be even more creative by providing a more detailed list, rather than just a general type.

For example: Instead of just "Sorting Interaction", perhaps you might put down...

  • "Rank Your Preferences"
  • "Sort By Importance"
  • "Order By Value/Time/Size"
  • "Select By Descending/Ascending Applicability"
  • etc

While all sorting interactions, giving clues into how they might use them typically sparks more variety and creativity in your courses.

As a side benefit, the list then serves as a creative repository and inspiration for new interaction variants that IDs may be eager to add to as they flex their creative muscles. ;-)

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