Where do you store your courses online?

Mar 04, 2013

Good Morning Articulate Community,

I've been working on building an online portfolio of my work (tim-slade.com). Currently, I've only been able to put screen shots of my work out there...but I'd like to put working course examples.

I was curious to know, for those of you who publish your work online, where have you been "hosting" your actual course files when publishing them to the web? I can put them on the same host where my website is held, but the space limited and costly for additional space. Are there any free or cheap resources out there. Can you use dropbox for this?

Any thoughts?


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Simon Perkins

Hi Tim

You might also want to check out SCORM Cloud.  It offers a free subscription as well as paid for accounts and is generally very solid.  I've had some issues with reviewer logins suddenly not working but I think I've figured out the cause of that and rectified it.

The thing to bear in mind with Dropbox is its speed - or lack of.  It's not designed to host/stream the type of content we produce, so you can expect to see lag between slides and/or certain "objects", e.g. Flash movies loading/spooling up.  Try it - it might be fine for you.  But do beware the more media-intense your content, the harder it has to work.

Scott Hewitt

Hi Tim,

there are a lot of options available to you and it depends how much you want to spend? It also depends whether you want people to be able to see files or just share files?

Web Hosting

You can spend some additional money on web host and upload your content on your website. You can then password protect your content, add widgets, etc and upload what you require on there.

Basecamp Personal

https://basecamp.com/personal = $25 and comes with 3gig of space. You can also set up accounts for people to access files. Part of the basecamp family so has good features. Worth a look.


Pay as you go LMS - http://www.litmos.com/


http://scorm.com/scorm-solved/scorm-cloud-features/ - upload your courses and also test your courses. Has a limit on the number of courses that you can upload.

If you want to host your work on your own domain I would just buy some additional web space. There are some very good web hosts and then you have control. Web hosting is very cheap compared to 5 years ago and you then have control over your site. You can also have files on your won website and domain as opposed through a managed service. I think this looks a more professional and you've just got more control.

Top-tip! What ever you decide don't forget to back it up. I came across lots of people who rely on the cloud service and don't back up their own work. We keep on-site and off-site back even with our cloud systems.

Hope this helps,


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