Where to TAKE a course?

Yes, we design courses, but when the time comes for professional development -- where do you go?

For me, elearning heroes is my first stop!! Now, the professional development gods have smiled on me. There's money to attend a certification or workshop.

But where? Offered by whom? For how long? Certifications are preferred. e-learning? out of the office? Either could work.

What have you found helpful? Who offered it? Who were the trainers? Why did you like it? I'd sure appreciate input from the community.

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Bruce Graham


The first question I would ask you is what facet, specifically, you want/need personal development in?

Is it a software application - (get to an Articulate course if you can...)?

Is it Instructional Design - (get to one of Tom's workshops if you can)?

The other question, (which i cannot ascertain from your sig) is what country you live in? If US, then possibly many more options than in other places.

Training, generally, is only taken because:

1> You need to know something new.

2> You forgot something old

3> Something changed or someone left.

4> Compliance requirements.

Which one of these fits your need? That is where you need to start. Only then will your investment be more than a few days out of the office.


Crisa McCarty

Excellent questions. Forgive me for not anticipating them.

Software or instructional design would be equally satisfactory. There's always sometime more to learn to make the software sing and tapdance! We have a new hire on the team who would benefit from introductory instructional design lessons, another who will bring back contemporary best practices and assure herself that current practices should be maintained.

We're located in the Southern region of the U.S., about 2 hours outside of Atlanta and of Birmingham.

Working for a large company, yearly budgets allow for education. There is a push toward holding certifications and not simply completing classes.

We use the Articulate Studio '09 and Captivate, primarily, to create elearning, instructor-led and virtual classes. Saba is our LMS (launching in the fall.)