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Ridvan  Saglam

I know that many artists use Adobe After Effects. You can find a lot of templates on the internet too. By the way, I see that some people use Powerpoint as a motion graphic tool. There are a lot of video lessons on youtube. It seems to me that working with Powerpoint for motion graphics needs more planning and time, though. Here is a good youtube channel I found; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx6zTXfOICY&t=48s

nech nay

Thank you very much. AE seems quite complex and it'll take a lot of time to learn. I don't really have enough time and I need to get the job done quickly. And I don't need a high quality motion graphic as AE does, kind of movie-like sfx. I think you are right, powerpoint is very powerful, And thank you very much for the link, very very helpful. And I also find powtoon, which looks like powerpoint, but with much more graphic resources.