Why not structure "General Discussion" in sub-forums?

Jan 20, 2014

I would appreciate it a lot if this forum was divided into sub-sections. Right now I feel everything is a bit of a mess and if I for example want to find a nice template or an idea for an exercise, I will have to go through a lot of irrelevant threads. I can of course use the search function but that doesn't really solve my problem.

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Nick n/a


I think the Articulate staff have done a great job with the forum so far.

Personally for me I just bookmark those specific pages and then organise them into a folder on my browser.

I agree there is a huge wealth of resources, ideas, topics etc that would be great to access in an easier form.

So yes you are being helpful IMO. I have the same viewpoint.

But contacting Articulate would be the right thing to do.

Out of interest have you seen any other companies that have created a forum like this?

Bruce Graham

I think the problem here is maintenance, and allowing subfolders instantly creates an explosion of sib-levels.

If we get subfolders, people will always want another subfolder. Perhaps have one for each version of Android, or iOS?

Then we may need subfolders for each country etc. etc.

We have discussed this behind the scenes a number of times. For me, the solution is just to ensure that the next iteration of the forum, (when it comes...), has a few, agreed high-level subfolders, social media to allow off-the-thread/behind-the-thread discussions, meta-tagging, Search by Contributor, and a powerful Search facility among others.

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