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Mar 22, 2017



I have been trying to put together a menu that pops up when hovered over. 

I started by creating a second layer (menu layer) featuring the menu items. 

Placed a hotspot, that when hovered over displayed the menu. 


The problem is...that when you click the pause button, it only allows you to pause the timeline on the menu layer opposed to the actual content layer. 


I have tried several ways including masking over, or moving the objects, non worked there was always an issue with everything I tried. 

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Cherry Cooke

I have looked at that one, there seemed to be no actual solution for Phil's problem Which is the same as mine).

The recommended method addresses how to create a pause/resume on a slide. When placing the menu on a seperate layer, the pause/resume can only be applied to the current layer (the menu layer), not the actual base layer which is what need to be pause/resumed.

Karen had a different issue.

Richard Watson


One thing I've seen a few people do is create a new Pause Layer in the slide master. (View - Slide Master). This allows you to pause on each layer. Unfortunately, I'm leaving the office for the day but check this out to see how it works. It might get you a little closer to the functionality you wanted.

1. Created a new pause layer on your master slide. I also set the Slide layer properties to "pause timeline of base layer".

2. I added trigger to show layer PauseLayer when the user clicks the Pause 1 object on the menu that appears when you hover.

3. I also created a trigger "hide this layer" on the Pause Layer to close it and allow the slide to continue. I added a blue rectangle box to show it is pausing.

The only problem is that if the user hovers back over the menu, it will start again.



Richard Watson


Good point! That's another way to approach this.

  • Create a new T/F variable and set it to False as the default value.
  • Create triggers on the Pause button to set the variable to True when the user clicks the Pause button. On the Play button you would set pause equal to False when it was clicked.
  • For each slide, you would then need to tell the slide to resume timeline if the variable is False and pause timeline if the variable is True.

That's the cool thing about Storyline, there are multiple ways to accomplish things. It all depends upon what you want to see visually and how you want the user to interact with the content.

Cherry, I've attached an updated one in case you wanted to see how this might work. Let me know what you think.

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