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Hello everyone

I have a team dedicated to creating courses.  As a team, we have various roles including those who write content (SME's), those who develop and those who review (QA and ID specialists).  Although we've developed our overall team workflow over two years, I still feel we have room to grow.  I would love to know how others work in a collaborative environment.  Working with Articulate means we all share the same file.  So to really harness that feature as an efficiency, creating best practice regarding sharing the files, creating the right directory structure, version control etc. is important. 

If anyone has best practice that can be shared, that would be awesome.  Once we get some momentum, I will certainly jump in on the things we have learned.


Mark Burke


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Kristin Savko

We suffer from the same problems. Based on our current workflow, it's been really hard for us to not work off of the network (which of course can cause all sorts of problems. We've found some work-a-rounds, but we never have the luxury of one team member completing their piece in it's entirety before the next team member also needs to have access to the file.

I too would love to hear some successful Articulate file sharing methods!

David Anderson