Would like some feedback on an edumercial I've made =)

Jun 03, 2014

Hi guys,

Since you're always so helpful I was hoping I could get some feedback on an edumercial I've created for a fictive company called Ecologica. All in an attempt to strengthen my portfolio.

You can watch it here: http://bingosidan.se/ecologica/

Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve it further? It's all been made in PowerPoint btw.

Thank You!

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Joshua Roberts

Hello Eric,

A couple of points from me - I didn't particularly enjoy the narration just because of the computerised sound, however I can understand if there are no resources to supplement this. It did slightly distract me and I giggled at the point it sounded like it said "From the smallest ant to the largest TELEPHANT."

However I like the style and think you've done a very good point from Powerpoint to get there.

Have you considered using PowToon? This may give a slightly more professional feel to the video. 

All in all I like the style and the narration fits well with the images displayed.

Joshua Roberts

Eric Isaksson said:

Thanks Joshua!

Hehe, I forgot to say, please don't complain about the weird pronounciations. I did my best to make him sound as normal as possible =)

I thought PowToon was only for cartoon stick figures and more "childlike" videos, but perhaps I should check it out then?

Well you don't have to use characters, it works really well for presenting statistics and key messages. I think it would work well with the assortment of statistics and photos you use in the presentation. You have enough content already present to populate the video, it will just give you some more options for animating the text/using other graphical prompts.

Just a thought, as I said, I still enjoyed the video.

Bruce Graham

HI Eric,

Love the overall message - very nicely put.

Not so keen on the "electro-voice", some of the intonations are not right for me - like the word "wildlife" for example.

I always try and stop people using the phrase "...we hope" in learning - it's a bit like praying

"....Now you know how we operate, BUY FROM US BECAUSE WE CARE.....NOW!!!!!!" (or something like that). Much more commercially assertive.

Apart from that - the message is very strong. Well done.

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