Your Ideal Laptop

Hi everyone! So I'm thinking about upgrading my personal laptop (that I frequently use for work), and would love to know what your dream laptop would be. I run Photoshop, Illustrator, Camtasia, Storyline, Audacity, and several other necessary programs for my work- and my Dell Inspiron 13 7000 is starting to lag in performance. What would you buy if money were no object? What do you consider to be the most important feature in a laptop?

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Rachel Barnum

Well, I did buy a Razerblade Pro in 2013 and would probably buy it again in a newer version. 

It wasn't a computer I had considered until my friend bought it, decided he didn't love it, and sold it to me (he's a man of a million gadgets and computers who works at one of the companies that make well known tech... his reasoning came down to "I don't like the touch pad and I think it's gimmicky but it's otherwise great").

I'm a huge gamer in addition to doing e-learning freelance or byod, and it has been fantastic. I get to run every single game I own (including Skyrim) at highest graphic settings with no lag.

Most important features (for me) would be a solid state drive and a dedicated, at least decent, video card. Obviously the quality of the rest of the computer is pretty important too, but typically computers with those two things are on the higher end as it is.