Incomplete screen recording in Peek

Feb 12, 2021


Since using Peek, we noticed an issue where our screen is not entirely recorded.
Before recording, we always use the option "Full screen", but as shown in the screenshot below, the recorded size is 1916x1076 (while the screen resolution is 1920x1080).

This wouldn't seem very problematic, but when viewing the resulting recording, the screen is clearly cropped, see screenshot of the video below. Here the cropping is most apparent at the underside of the video, where the date in the taskbar is horizontally cut in half.

Our current solution is to wiggle the sliders away from the centre until the dotted lines are no longer visible, demonstrated below for the left side of the screen. But this never works instantly, and a lot of "wiggling" is required until all of the dotted lines are gone.

Has anyone else encountered this, or have a suggestion/solution? This problem occurs on every computer within our organization.

Nicolas (editor at die Keure publishing - Bruges, Belgium)

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Ren Gomez

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing those helpful screenshots of what you're experiencing! It looks like you've come across a bug we have recorded where:

Recording full-screen in Windows will cut off the bottom part of the screen.

I'm sorry you're running into this, but I appreciate the additional insights and will be sure to share the details with my team. I haven't discovered a workaround yet outside of re-adjusting, but I'll keep you posted on all developments related to this bug!

Eric Santos

Hi Kelli,

I'm sorry to hear you're hitting this snag. I ran some tests by recording a portion of my screen and did not encounter the issue. Here's my Peek 360 recording for reference. Are you using Peek 360 for Windows? If so, please try running these steps and let me know if it helps:

Thanks for your patience!

John Plepel

I'm having a similar issue.  When I do the screencapture, I am adjust the box to grab just part of the screen.  It seems to grab the correct proportion, but it is shifted to left from what I selected, so I have an area I did not want in and the part I did want captured is cut off.

Like the others, I am working on multiple screens.

John Morgan

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out! I understand that your screen captures are not matching the portion of the screen you chose to record. You are experiencing a bug in the software that has already been reported. I'm going to add your voice to the report. If there's any news regarding this bug, this conversation will be updated.

Kelly Auner

Hi Anabel,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community!✨

Sorry to hear you're experiencing an issue with your course. Are you able to provide some more detail about what you're seeing? If you're comfortable sharing your file or a screen recording, that will help our team determine if you're affected by a possible software bug or not.

Please feel free to share your content privately in a support case if you prefer! We'll delete it from our systems once troubleshooting is complete.