Issues Integrating Peek360 into Articulate Storyline Course

Dec 29, 2023

I'm encountering difficulties integrating Peek360 into my Articulate Storyline course. I've attempted to embed a Peek360 video directly into my course to enhance the learning experience, but I'm facing some technical challenges.


  • I have created a tutorial using Peek360 and want to incorporate it seamlessly into my Articulate Storyline course.
  • I attempted to embed the Peek360 video using various methods (embedding HTML, using iFrame, etc.), but the video either doesn't display correctly or doesn't play at all.
  • I've ensured that the Peek360 video works fine when accessed separately outside of the Articulate Storyline course.
  • I've tried adjusting the size, resolution, and formatting of the video in Peek360 before embedding it, but I still encounter issues when trying to view it within the course.
  • I've reviewed the Articulate community discussions and Peek360 documentation, but I couldn't find a solution to this specific integration problem.

Request for Assistance: I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions from the community regarding the proper method to embed a Peek360 video into an Articulate Storyline course successfully. If anyone has successfully integrated Peek360 videos into Storyline courses or has any insights or workarounds, I'd love to hear about your experiences and recommendations.

Thank you in advance for your help and expertise! Here is the URL

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