Recording screen - but cursor is shown in wrong position in the video

May 20, 2022

Hi I'm trying to use the screen recording option (Peek 360) to show users how to do actions in an interface. However, when I play back the video generated, the cursor is in the wrong place, which is really not useful as I'm trying to say "click on this button..."  etc. (cursor is hovering a few cm above where that button is).

Anyone else experienced and/or solved this issue?

Many thanks...


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Luciana Piazza

Hi Cathy!

We've heard that others have come across a similar snag when recording using a laptop plugged into an external monitor. If you are using an external monitor, could you try unplugging the monitor and just record from the laptop? After the recording is over, you can plug the external monitor back into the laptop.

Please let me know if that helps!

Jose Tansengco

Hi Claire,

Sorry to hear that changing your DPI setting to 100% didn't work. Would it be possible for you to temporarily disconnect the second monitor so you can make the primary recording on your main screen? If this isn't an option for you, please open a case with our team here to connect with one of our support engineers. They'll be able to assist in figuring out how to get the cursor to line up properly for you.

Morgan Pottruff

I'm frankly stunned that I'm experiencing a bug that has been known for over 2 years, and on another thread, there appear to be reports of this 4 years ago.  4 years? Come on.  I don't think using 2 monitors is some "out there" use case.  I had to reshoot a video today on a tight deadline.  Yes it works on the laptop, but its also captures a smaller viewable area which with the app I'm recording looks congested.  I would hope this issue should find its away into a sprint sometime soon.