Webinar Recording, Audio Muted

Mar 26, 2020

Hi All,

I would like to use Peek to record a webinar. When I do this, the published file plays my audio fine, but the audio for those people speaking on the webinar are very, very muted. (I hear them fine on the call, it's the recording of their voices that is not coming through.) 

Any thoughts on how to get this adjusted/fixed?


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Keith Kemsley

Hi Lauren,

I've tried both headphones and computer mic. In both cases, my audio sounds fine in Peek. In both cases, the person on the other end of Skype or Zoom or Business Skype sounds very muted. (Almost can't hear them at all on the recording.) This is true on both my laptop and my desktop computer which have different mic setups.

Lauren Connelly

Thank you for those extra details Keith!

To be completely honest, Peek 360 was built for tutorials and screen recordings on one computer and one microphone. Personally I love using Peek for building a quick tutorial! I wouldn't recommend using it to record a Zoom meeting.

We are a big fan of Zoom here at Articulate and there is a Recording option that might be better for what you're recording. 

If you have any additional questions, please let me know!

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