360 vs. SL3

Jun 08, 2017

Anyone else considering SL3 instead of 360?  I apparently work at a company whose firewall is too thick and details for the effective operation of 360. Updates are not complete because some elements are blocked by our security plus we operate in an environment where we do not have admin rights to our computers.

What do you think of SL3?  We already upgraded but find we are using SL2 still because of the issues we have with 360.  

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We weighed the pros and cons and still went with 360.  It has not been too difficult to have IT do our upgrades when needed as we are a small group.  SL3 was attractive for the one time price and less upgrades.  I would not go back to SL2.  I am curious what issues you are having?  I am sold on the new versions, be it SL3 or 360.

Ralf  Baum

I am working currently with SL3 because a customer told us that they do not want to have their confidential content produced via a cloud tool.
So thank to Articulate for the release of a non-cloud-software.
Yes, I know that there is no data transfer to an external server with 360 but if the customer insist on non-cloud sofware.....

Scott Kaye

As a previous customer, I got a year of 360 for a heavily discounted price.  I figured that I would use the year to decide if I would continue the subscription model or move to a standalone version.  Thus far, there is no question that I prefer the subscription model.  It is always easiest in this line of work to have access to the latest features and resources.  Buying and upgrading standalone versions is akin to buying a new car every 1-2 years and not getting your money's worth due to depreciation.

Dane James

This question kind of fits here I guess. We just got storyline 360 at work which is great, but I would like to know if I can transfer a course back and forth from Storyline 3 to 360. I personally own storyline 2 and I'm thinking of upgrading but I really don't want to pay a yearly cost of 360 but I do take work home. I could take my work laptop home but my home computer is much, much better to work on.

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