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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Keith!

Thanks for letting us know you're interested in customizing the branding that appears on Articulate Review. As of now, when someone views a course in Articulate Review, they'll see a very small “A" logo in the top left corner. While there isn't a way to change that branding to a custom logo, we're tracking requests like these! Thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see. 


Here is a novel marketing approach.  We could pay Articulate an additional sum not to advertise on the Articulate Products we use.  I know Articulate wants to promote their products but would assume they could do it through other means, such as search ads, trade shows, eMagazines, etc.  Which I am sure you already do.

Prior to 2009 Articulate would place their logo on the Presenter player.  Later Articulate removed their logo from the player and probably saw their customer appreciation, support and commitment go up.  Users of Articulate are already customers.  It just seems wrong that you would go directly after our customers through the relationships we have with our customers.  I feel you are basically saying let's reach out and sell the customers of our customers through their relationships.  It may hurt our front line customers, but in the long run it will increase our revenues.

You could make up for this anticipated revenue by charging us a fee not to have the Articulate Logo on the software when viewed by our clients.  If it's not about the money, then it must be ego?

I love your products and have been with you guys for some time now.  Articulate Review is a product I would love to use but not able to because it is not customer friendly as to branding it our own.  It took a while for us to have the player unbranded by Articulate giving us the ability to brand our own courses and hope this will happen with Review.  Articulate does a fine job of brand in plenty of other areas, allow us to have branding in our little world.

As always, thank you for listening!