Articulate review not working in Chrome - again

I am having loads of issues with my courses in Chrome. 

It seems to be a layers issue. Things are appearing above layers they are below and random buttons are not visible - but if I move my mouse over them the hit area is still active as my mouse turns to the hand indicating a button.

Everything seems to work fine if I check it in IE.

Another - client version of the course worked fine yesterday but today it is having the same problems.

It is a problem on all the computers I have tried not just mine.

I cannot include a link as the course is a client project.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lizzie,

Thanks for reaching out to our support team. I can see that Richard is working with you, so you're in great hands.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out as well and advising submitting a support case so that we can take a closer look. I can see you've reached out as well and Peter is taking a look.