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Amma Knight

Hi Alyssa: When you click the Previous button in Articulate Review nothing happens. However, the button works in the Web Published version.

This file was upgraded from Storyline 2 and the there is a trigger to subtract 1 from the slide number variable when the Previous button is clicked.

Here is the link:


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Amma for sharing the file - the file is definitely behaving odd, as the trigger order I'd expect things to be working in isn't following the normal. I also was able to test it out on a brand new file I created in Storyline 360 to see the same thing - so I can report that to our team as a possible software bug. 

You mentioned a version that is working for you - can you share a copy of that one with me too? I'd like to see what is different about that to share with my team.