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Vincent Scoma

Hey Bill,

Great question! So all reviewers can resolve comments, show/hide resolved comments, and reopen comments.

With your example, if you marked 20 comments as resolved they will (by default) disappear. If someone wanted to show those resolved comments, they do have that ability to reveal those resolved comments. The comments will reappear with a faded look though, so you can distinguish them from comments that are still open.

We also have a great resource that provides more details on this here

Ren Gomez

Hi Felicity,

Thanks for reaching out! When a stakeholder starts a new discussion thread, a screenshot of the project as it currently appears is automatically generated and attached to your comment. You can read more about this is in the user guide below:

If there's a specific sentence the reviewer refers to; they'll need to specify in their comment. I hope this helps!