Articulate Review with Adobe Captivate

Feb 05, 2021

I was wondering if you can upload adobe captivate learning into articulate review. 

I have one client who only supported captivate and now has a captivate learning, and one company that only has articulate.

Is it possible to upload captivate learning into Articulate review? If so what are the steps?



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Philip Roy

Pretty sure the answer is "No" there are no steps you can follow, sorry.

I actually wrote an article a while back saying Articulate could make some more $$ by opening up the review system to Captivate users (at a fee). I'd certainly want to make use of it.

That said, try, although I have never used it myself so can't comment on how useful it is. Review 360 is so nice to use, I'd love to see it expand its service.