Audio in Camtasia Video Lost in Review

I recorded a Camtasia video into which I imported an Audacity audio file.  Then I inserted the video project (mp4) into 360 and published to Review.  The video is playing just fine in Review, but the audio from the Camtasia projects is working on some computers, but not on others.  Even had a situation where a reviewer could hear all audio when viewing the course from home, but audio didn't work when viewing it from the office on the same laptop.  Does anyone have any idea why the audio in these Camtasia projects might be working on some computers but not others when people are going through the course in Review?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob,

For the computers it's not working on, do you know if they're all using the same browser or setup?  You mentioned it occurred for one learner when they accessed at work versus at home - could there be different audio settings or restrictions at work? 

Anything that would be the same or consistent across those devices will help narrow down what's going on! Feel free to keep us posted, and if you need a few other testers outside your environment, pop the Review Share link in here, and I'm happy to test it! 

Bob Mansur

Thanks, Ashley, for your reply.  I haven't yet identified any differences in browsers or audio settings and need to dig deeper with our IT folks.  Here's the Review Share link, and the Camtasia videos I referenced begin at midpoint on the fifth slide (The Navigating Byte Manual) and continue through the tenth slide (Overview):

 I look forward to hearing what you find when you work with it.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bob, thanks for sharing your link! The audio worked just fine for me when viewing the Camtasia videos in slides 5-10. 

Keep us posted on what you find out from your IT team. And as Ashley mentioned, any clues you can gather about the web browsers that were used when the problem occurred would be helpful!