Best practices for Review?

Jan 10, 2017

I am using Review for the first time, and was wondering if anyone has any general best practices to share.

For example, I emailed my SMEs the Review link, so they can access the module I created in Storyline 360. I want to collect their feedback using Review, however I also had a long list of questions I sent to them via email for them to consider while they view the module. My questions for them were more general (for example, debating the color of the player) or else I would have entered them into Review on the slides the questions pertained to. However, if they respond via email rather than entering their comments into Review then we are not getting the most out of the product (and my email is to blame, haha).

Review was a big selling feature for us in our considerations about purchasing 360, so I would appreciate any insight into how to get the best out of it.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurel,

You may want to begin by taking a look at the two articles below: 

3 Ways Articulate Review is a Big Gift for Course Developers
5 Steps to an Easier E-Learning Course Review Process

Also, for your current scenario, what I may suggest is to have included those questions as comments within Review yourself on the first slide/before the course actually starts. Even though they are more general,  they'd be there when individuals go to access the Review link for the first time and they can answer them at that time or come back to it later. Hopefully if your colleagues see them within Review in addition to the email, they'll look at responding in Review first! Depending on how many questions you had - it may be a lot for that starting screen though! 

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