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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dmitry, 

Within Articulate Review you'll see the course shown with the Feedback pane on the right hand side, although you can collapse it to allow for more screen real estate. Here is a quick demo of that recorded by Adam and shared in this earlier discussion about going full screen within Review.  You'll see his other suggestion there was to bring your browser into full screen. Within Chrome you'd choose View > Enter Full Screen.

You may also want to look into the overall settings you used in Storyline or Studio for how the course will display once hosted within your Web Server or LMS. These are modified within the player/browser setting, and they don't take effect while viewing the content in Articulate Review.. Here is the tutorial on Storyline 360 for how to modify those, and here is the same information for Studio 360.  (Presenter specific, but you'd also find those settings for Quizmaker and Engage). 

Hope that helps clarify some elements of how your course will display while viewing in Articulate Review!