Custom closed caption button is not receiving focus when tabbing on video slides

I have multiple courses hosted in Articulate Review that all of a sudden all had the same problem.

They have a video with a custom closed caption button placed on top. The user used to tab to the video, then closed caption, then Skip Nav (which did not receive a yellow focus box), and then the PREV button. The video, closed caption button, and PREV all used to receive the yellow focus box. Then all of a sudden, the closed caption button is no longer receiving the yellow focus box. There seems to be a tab stop for it but no focus. When user presses enter to toggle on the closed captioning it works, but it should be getting focus. Courses that I had not touched or republished in over 4 months all have this problem now.

What could be the cause of this?

Here is a link to the course in Articulate Review: 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Landon,

I tested your Review link too, and also couldn't get the CC button to highlight as the focus, but based on Alyssa publishing your file again it seems everything is set up in that version.

Are you using the latest update of Storyline 360, Update 15?  It was released last week so you may have missed it! I'd like to know if you can republish the same file you shared here with us (I'd suggest downloading the copy shared here- just to make sure it's the exact same) and let us know how that one works!

It could have been something already resolved in the update or a change you made to file prior to publishing. Storyline doesn't have an autosave feature, so if you didn't save after publishing, it would be possible to have shared that earlier version with us where it did work normally. 

Landon Salsberry

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the response. I updated last week to the latest version 3.15.15453.0 and republished the course (downloaded from above as you recommended). My chrome version is up-to-date: Version 66.0.3359.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have also followed the steps here to try to fix erratic behavior in Storyline, but that didn't solve the problem either.

I think the weird part about this issue is courses in Review that I have not republished for 5+ months are experiencing this as well. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hmm, really strange that I was able to bring the focus to the CC button, but both you and Ashley could not. Let's see if we can narrow this down.

Can you use Peek to make a screen recording similar to the one I linked above? If you can capture the version of Chrome you're using and a full screen recording of you tabbing through the content, that would be really helpful. 

We'll try and get to the bottom of this!

Landon Salsberry

So yesterday I was working from a coffee shop and using their wifi and it was working as you can see in my screen cast above.

Now today I am working in our office and plugged into the Ethernet and I am not getting focus on the CC button again. Here is a screencast. Again, all of the courses that were working yesterday are not working today. My coworker is using our wifi here and they are not working for her either.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Landon,

This one has us stumped! We've done some more testing, and some of us are getting the focus on the CC button, and others aren't. We're all using the latest version of Chrome. 

Would you mind sharing the original sample file with me? I'd like to publish it to Articulate Review on my end, and retest to see if we get the same results.

You can attach the sample file by clicking here and attaching it to a new thread comment. Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Landon! 

So sorry for the confusion--we were hoping to get your original sample file so we could do some more testing. So far, we haven't had any luck recreating this issue on our end with our own sample files.

If you don't mind sharing it with us, we'd love to test your file further. You can send it directly to our team by clicking this link. Thanks!

Landon Salsberry

OK so we noticed a crazy thing happening today with this. I was receiving the yellow focus box on my Dell Inspiron 15-7579 but then I dragged my browser window over to my second monitor, which is a hp Pavilion 23xi, and the focus was gone. I dragged the window back and forth and it would appear and disappear when on the two different screens.

Then I started playing with the size of the browser window on my hp monitor, and when it was small the CC button had focus, and when it was large, no focus. I will attach a screen shot of this. Hope it helps with understanding what is going on!

Alyssa Gomez

Eureka! 💡 That's the culprit. When I enlarged the Articulate Review window, the CC button lost focus. When I decreased the size of the window again, the yellow focus box returned.

This little quirk definitely feels like a bug, so I'm going to get this issue in front of our team to see how we can help.  I'll keep this discussion updated with any new information.  

In the meantime, have you noticed that this also affects your Web or LMS outputs? In my own testing, window size did not affect those outputs, but I wanted to check with you, as well.